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4 Reasons Why Your Website Design Is Driving Customers Away

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Is Your Website Design Driving Customers Away?

You’ve got your website design, it’s been up and running for a while BUT sales are slow or none existent and despite best effects you just can’t work out what’s going wrong.

Fear not! In this blog post we’ll cover 4 of the most common reasons why your website is driving customers away.

Slow Loading Website

There’s nothing more off putting and frustrating than a website that takes an eternity to load.

People don’t like to hang around! If they can’t see a website quickly the chances of them waiting are few and far between.

To investigate this issue further and see if this is a factor as to why your website design is turning customers away you’ll need to analyse your website for performance speeds.

Programmes such as Pingdom will help you determine the speed of your website.

Website Is Not Responsive

The majority of website searches today are carried out on mobile devices so the need for a fully responsive website design is essential.

Your website should be built for your customers, allowing them to purchase easily, without a mobile friendly website you are potentially loosing out on sales as very few visitors will spend time pinching and adjusting screens in order to check out.

Major search engines such as Google favor those websites that are fully optimised. A none responsive site will result in a lower organic ranking and less traffic to your website.

Poor Navigation

Are you making it difficult for visitors to navigate their way around your website?

Will these people spend time attempting to find the information they require from your website or will they return to the SERP and visit a competitors website with clear navigation?

Increase user experience by having a strong navigation system in place from the moment they land on your website.

Include call to action to help direct visitors to the right place and maximise the chance of conversion.


Outdated/Poorly Designed Website

Web design trends are ever changing but an outdated website is all too easy to spot.

If your website looks unprofessional and outdated visitors may be reluctant to stay.

Content should be relevant to your business with easy to read short paragraphs that allow visitors to skim read and still understand the purpose of your business.

If you have a blog keep it updated on a regular basis, not only will this help with user experience but also the ranking of your website.


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