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Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Web Design Agency

top 5 questions you must ask your web design agency

Choosing a web design agency is something that requires a lot of thought and careful consideration, after all the potential success of your business lies somewhat in their hands. With so many potential web design agencies out there it’s always a good idea to have a list of questions to ask prior to starting a new website build. In this blog post we’ve covered the top 5 questions you must ask your web design agency.

1.What experience do you have?

Any reputable web design agency will be more than willing to disclose past web design projects. Check their website to see if firstly they have a portfolio of work and secondly look at the standard of the work completed. If your project is a complex one ask for examples and if there’s any doubt in your mind of their capabilities, voice your concerns.

2.What will the website build involve?

Building a website is an in-depth process that involves many different factors from the structure of the website to the visual elements which will ultimately provide a positive user experience. You need to be absolutely clear on the work involved and how the end result will be achieved. Many web design agencies will put together a proposal to allow clients to see these steps broken down.

3.How much will it cost?

Obviously you want to know how much the new website will cost you and this price often reflects the standard of the work provided. How will payment be taken? Does your chosen web design agency require a percentage of the cost prior to build and are there any extras you should be aware of.

4.How long will the new website build take?

If you already have a launch date in mind or a deadline to meet let your web design agency know. But also bare in mind that building a website can be a lengthy process and something that rarely happens overnight.

5.Will my new website be compatible on mobile & tablet devices?

With 80% of people using smart phones to shop online, a fully responsive website is a definite must! Your website should adapt to different devices to provide customers with an easy and smooth online experience. Are you looking for a web design agency to work on your new website project? Contact our Liverpool web design team on 0151 268 0214 or fill in our contact form

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