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A Free Website For Small Businesses – What’s The Catch?

free website

A FREE WEBSITE – You read that right – We offer a free website option for small businesses but why?

Well, when we first started The Cheerful Lime Ltd almost 8 years ago, we became increasingly aware of the growing cost involved in start your own business!

We’ve been there and it’s not cheap, yet the best way to attract customers is with a website which can become extremely costly to set up and maintain, not to mention the additional costs involved when it comes to SEO, graphic design and hosting!

With the above in mind we created our own web design calculator which allows businesses the opportunity to get an estimated cost for their new project with a few simple clicks!

free website

Free Website Cost Calculator

So How Do I Get A Free Website?

We offer all customers a free one page website, that’s an opportunity to put your start up business in front on potential customers and have a professional online presence – just use our calculator and click the option ‘simple one page website’

We’ll ask you to enter your contact details if you’d like to go ahead and find out more – one of our team will arrange a call back and we’ll go through your options.

Will I Need Hosting For My Free Website?

Yes – every website that appears online requires hosting, now you can choose the cheapest hosting available for only a few pounds a month BUT you run the risk of your website being hacked (A Nightmare) and your website not being  updated  on a regular basis which can result in problems for your customers and you.

The Cheerful Lime Ltd offers a range of monthly support packages that not only include hosting but we’ll also take care of those important updates, provide 24/7 security by monitoring login attempts AND provide a set amount of free support time – you can use this to ask us for advice (adding products etc) or ask us to carry out minor amendments of our website.

Got A Question About Your Free Website?

Here at The Cheerful Lime we LOVE Questions – why? Because we want to ensure that you understand the process and most of all we want to ensure your small business gets off to the best start!

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