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6 Essential Homepage Features Every Website Needs

essential homepage features

Essential Homepage Features

Whether you plan on designing a website yourself or you’ve chosen to invest in a design agency, this blog post on essential homepage features will provide you with a clear understanding of the most important features of a website design.

Planning is the most important part of a web design process however many businesses simply do not spend enough time doing this and are left with a website which isn’t user friendly or functional.

If you choose a DIY website builder you may miss out on essential homepage features which often result in countless revisions and added time to an already hectic work life schedule!

Every business will have different requirements when it comes to their website and that’s completely natural, after all no two businesses are exactly the same.

However, when it comes to the homepage of your website, these features are essential if you want your website to really work for your business.

Contact Information

More often than not users will land on the homepage of a website.

When they land there they’ll be looking for contact information


Email address

Contact number

By placing contact information in a prominent position you’re making it easier for potential customers to connect with you. Your website footer is ideal for this and by turning this contact information into a clickable link you’re making it even easier for visitors to engage.

It’s also worth noting the font that is used on your website – a clear and easy to read font is not only a homepage essential but something that should be carried throughout your website.

Logo & Tagline

A well designed logo shows that a business is professional and reputable.

The tagline of your business should provide users with a clear insight as to the products/services you sell.

A Clear Navigation Menu

Yes a website needs to WOW a customer but it’s also important to create a user friendly platform.

One of the first steps to take when designing a website is to map out exactly how you want your website to work.

Make it easy for visitors to navigate around the website, a messy navigation menu could mean visitors head over to the competition and you loose out on those all important sales.

Call To Action/Opt In

When someone lands on the homepage of your website it should be crystal clear what you want them to do and the action you want them to take.

If one CTA isn’t enough, use a maximum of 2 so as not to confuse any visitors.

Create a headline that encourages them to pick up the phone and call or subscribe to the company newsletter.

Don’t forget that someone landing on your website may not make a purchase the first time they visit so by collecting an email address you then have the option of sending newsletters containing special offers etc to entice them.


Whether your website is brochure style, eCommerce or something in between, a high standard of imagery is a homepage essential.

Images should capture the users attention, provide an insight into the products/services on offer.

Whilst stock images may look great they aren’t personal to your business.

A professionally taken photograph showing your working environment and staff etc will help you gain credibility and humanize a brand.

Product images should again be of a high professional standard to ensure the first impression is one to be remembered for the right reasons!

Client Testimonials/Reviews

Reviews from previous clients are one of the most important homepage features.

By showing the positive experiences businesses have had will reassure and reassure new customers that they are making the right choice.

We hope you found this guide to essential homepage features useful

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