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Facebook Marketing Tips For 2018

facebook marketing tips for 2018

Facebook Marketing has always been a hot topic of conversation amongst the small business community with businesses becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of organic reach on Facebook posts.

It’s no secret that many small businesses have been left feeling deflated and concerned at the recent news feed changes – on the 12th January 2018 Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg announced some major changes in relation to Facebook’s news feed and the types of content it plans to share with it’s users.

Social media and in particular Facebook has always been a popular platform for businesses but with so many feeling disgruntled, what’s next? Is this really the end of Facebook as we know it?

In short no, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to adjust our Facebook marketing strategies to boost Facebook engagement.

The good news is that Facebook business pages can still work as part of a well thought out and researched social media strategy, in this blog post we’ll share our top Facebook Marketing Tips for 2018.

Invest In Facebook Advertising

Many small businesses are reluctant to invest in Facebook advertising but when adverts are set up correctly they allow a business to connect with a target audience who have a keen interest in the products or services on offer.

With a wide variety of different advertising options available and the option to choose the amount spent it really is a cost effect way of promoting a business.

Continue To Post Relevant Content

As we have always said, content is king, whether is be for Facebook marketing or website content.

Posting relevant content that ties in with your brand remains as important as ever, but it’s time to think outside the box and focus on your audience.

Who likes your Facebook page? we aren’t asking for a list of names but the demographics, age, gender, occupation, lifestyle.

Information like the above can be found by connecting with your audience, asking questions, running polls, surveys.

Once this information is collected content can be tailored to Facebook posts.

Videos & Facebook Live

Videos create a great amount of organic reach, people are most likely to click on the post to watch the video as soon as it appears in their news feed – this will earn you major brownie points in the visibility of your posts!

Facebook live has become increasingly popular and encourages viewers to engage via the comments and reactions. Generating meaningful, genuine conversation will help your posts be seen.

Avoid Engagement Baiting

In short engagement baiting is a tactic which can potentially be seen as spam, creating a mass of meaniless engagement from your Facebook audience.

Encouraging fans to comment with emojis, same word answers, reactions, will put you in Facebook’s bad books and could potentially mean your future posts will be seen by very few users.

‘See First’ Option

A while ago Facebook introduced the ‘see first’ option so users could control the content they see in their news feeds.

When a user selects this option, your Facebook posts will appear at the top of their news feed, but treat this carefully because over posting on Facebook may cause your fans to become fed up of seeing an increase of posts from your Facebook page.

Worst case scenario they either un-follow your page or unlike it!

Create A Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group for your business page will allow you to grow an online community of users who have genuine interest in your product or services.

Encourage users to join your group by offering an incentive and once you’ve got them in your group, make it valuable to them by rewarding them with sneak peeks or discount codes.

That’s our round up of the top Facebook Marketing tips for 2018, have you found something that works really well? Let us know in the comments below!

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