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The Best Business Tips For Black Friday 2016

best business tips black friday 2016

Black Friday was first introduced to the UK back in 2010

Essentially it’s a businesses golden opportunity to show potential buyers the best deals to be had on the day and encourage them to purchase those deals from your website.

With as much as £2bn spent in shops and online in just 24 hours – this is one event in the shopping calendar that businesses can’t afford to miss out on!

This year Black Friday falls on 25th November so in preparation we’ve got 10 of the best business tips to help maximize sales!

Make Sure Your Website Is Fully Responsive

Around 80% of people use smart phones and tablets to search the internet especially on Black Friday.

Having a website that’s fully responsive means they’ll be able to shop online easily without running into problems and limitations along the way!

Analyse Previous Sales From Last Year

What’s worked well for your business over the last year?

Is there a best selling product that could be promoted and adapted for your Black Friday Sale?

Plan Your Marketing

Let all fans & followers know! Share across your social media platforms well in advance to create a buzz within your community.

Use relevant hashtags for increased reach #blackfriday #cybermonday across Twitter & Instagram

For Facebook you could create an event and add to it in the run up with information on what customers can expect.

Streamline Your Shopping Cart/ Check Out Process

Is the check out process on your website user friendly? If it’s too complicated it could put potential customers off.

Do some testing on it yourself to make sure it’s stream lined in preparation for Black Friday.

Offer Gift Cards & Vouchers

Whilst some shoppers will have a clear idea of what they want to buy others won’t so to cover all angles and the potential to increase sales offer gift cards or vouchers.

Be sure to make it clear on product descriptions how long each voucher is valid for and any other terms that may need addressed.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

5 star customer service is a must for any business but especially so on Black Friday.

Potential customers may have questions about the products and if this is the case you’ll need to be there to answer those questions promptly.

Be ahead of the game by creating a page of frequently asked questions to speed up the process.

Create Bundle offers To Entice Shoppers

Are there products you could group together to create a bundle?

For example if you’re selling a laptop include a mouse, keyboard etc so customers have the option of purchasing the whole package from one website.

Create A Gift Guide Newsletter

Inspire your customers with a gift guide to products on offer.

Gifts for Mums, Dads, Siblings etc.

Send your gift guide newsletter well in advance and be sure to include details of the date and links to the products themselves along with your website address.

Do the thinking for your customers, if they can see which products suit an age range or gender you’ll make shopping for them easier and the chances of them buying more from your website will increase

Have Clear Return & Refund Policies In Place

If you already have a website in place you should have details of how a customer can return or refund unwanted or unsuitable products.

For Black Friday sales include a specific section on products purchased during that time.

Having this in place will reassure customers that they can send products back if they need to.

Display Contact information Clearly

Even if you don’t have a bricks & mortar address be sure to have clear contact information in place prominently on your website so if customers need to contact you they can do so easily.

Again this also acts as a reassurance that the business they are purchasing their products from is legitimate and genuine.

Final Thought

Black Friday is one event in the shopping calendar that businesses can’t afford to miss out on!

Follow our best business tips Black Friday 2016 and plan well in advance to set your business up for the best Black Friday yet!

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