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Best Way To Capture Email Addresses On A Website

capture email addresses on a website

Capture email addresses on a website is a must do for email marketers but how do you do this effectively?

One of the best pieces of information you can capture for marketing purposes is an email address – with the owners permission of course!

Capture email addresses on a website and you can keep those interested parties up to date with latest news, offers and promotions from your business.

So what are the best ways to capture email addresses on a website, below are 3 ways you can do this

Sign Up Form

A simple email sign up form encouraging visitors to input their details in order to sign up to your company newsletter. Don’t forget to include what they can expect to gain by signing up. Incentives can include a discount when they first purchase online, a free gift in the form of an e-book or fact sheet

Landing or Splash Page Sign Up

A landing page otherwise known sometimes as a splash page will contain an overview on the products or services you offer and this could include a prominent section for newsletter sign ups.

It essentially acts as a gate to your website and upon completion of sign up a visitor can enter the rest of your site. This method although effectively is highly persuasive and should be used carefully.

If you don’t already have this set up you could speak to your web developer to design a landing page to your business requirements.

Sign Up Upon Purchase

Once a customer decides to make a purchase on your site encourage them to create an online account with your business where they enter their email address, as always be clear that they are signing up to receive a newsletter from your company and the types of content or information they can expect to land in their inbox.

Final thought

Once you’ve captured emails it’s time to use them wisely and effectively.

Don’t spam subscribers with newsletters, aim to send out no more than 2 per month this way customers are kept informed without being bombarded.

Your newsletter should add value to a person, inform, educate, excite in the form of offers that really WOW them!

Use a reputable email marketing tool that people recognize such as mail chimp that allows you to send newsletters for free, there are various packages to choose from so you’re sure to find one that suites your business’ needs.

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