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5 Biggest SEO Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Today

5 Biggest SEO Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Today

5 Biggest SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization has been on the rise and it’s crazy the lengths people will go to for SEO. SEO is among the biggest weapon currently in the internet business world, but a lot of people have misused this and the end result can be catastrophic. In this post we’ll will be looking at 5 biggest SEO mistakes people always make. Knowing them today will help you and guide you not to make the same silly mistakes.

1.Keyword Stuffing

This is a very bad act and serious bluff most mistake for keyword ranking, but the real truth is that you will not only be punished by search engines; people will also get bored and tired of your less than imaginative contents. The final words you will hear will be from Google kicking your site out of the result pages which is never a good thing! Google will reward you for content that flows and comes across as ‘natural’ rather than disjointed sentences that are overcrowded with keywords.

2.Broken Links

This is simply when the hyperlink redirecting to a page stops to work and as such the intended destination is altered or doesn’t exsist at all! The trick is to check your hyperlinks always and rectify if any are dead or have stopped working. Both Google and your visitors will never take you seriously if all the links in your website pulls up 404 errors all the time. Visitors may begin to question if your site is trustworthy so set aside a certain amount of time on a regular basis to fish out any links that may be broken.

3. Links From None Credible Sources

This is self explanatory and precise. Focus on getting back links and attaching links from real and recognized websites. Link building is a tough process and a bad reputation definitely will ruin all your efforts, its true getting this credible links can be difficult and frustrating but it is totally worth it and will stamp authority on your website and your rankings, traffic to your site would be increased also.

4. Not Allowing Site Trawling

 Falling into this category is a very common mistake. Due to lack of understanding some business owners make their web content hard to find and crawl and this will lead to Google not indexing or ranking it. Apply tools and read information on the internet on how to beat this mistake, setting some common tools like Bing webmaster to your website can help to some extent.

5. Irelevant Anchor Text Links

This is the visible link when you hyperlink a particular piece of text or message, this is very important but a common error website owners make; bad anchor text most times leads to search engines ignoring or not been able to crawl the contents of your website. Naming your anchor link appropriately and utilizing every bit of opportunity is vital as search engines crawlers always uses links as pointers.

Most people ignore or avoid this strategy because of the work involved but it will pay off when done correctly. Doing this right involves a series of procedures to be followed correctly to avoid getting banned from Google – do it right and you’ll benefit greatly.

In conclusion, always follow the rules and obey instructions from search engines, avoid black hat techniques such as our 5 biggest seo mistakes and be a good website owner, then optimize and rank carefully.

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