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3 Reasons You Need A New Logo

3 Reasons You Need A New Logo

A logo is often the first thing a persons sees when viewing your business and we all know that first impressions count. A well designed logo can encourage visitors to find out more about your company but a poorly designed logo can have a negative effect. In this blog posts we’ll go over our 3 reasons you need a new logo.

Your Smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark


1.The Logo Doesn’t Adapt/Format Well

A professional graphic designer will create your logo an supply the finished product in all file formats allowing you to scale the logo to different sizes without the loss of resolution or the ‘grainy effect’ people sometimes refer to. If your current logo doesn’t do this it may be a good idea to book in for a re-design!

Is our logo suitable for your website, signs, banner, printed promotional material? You need your logo to be versatile and adapt well to your needs. If your logo is just one size and format then it’s time to bring it up to date, be sure to check with your chosen designer that you will receive the finished product in the file formats you need – this will allow you to use the logo right across your business.

 2.It’s A DIY Job

When you first enter the world of self employment funds can be limited and employing a professional graphic designer may of been out of your budget so if someone offers you a free logo you’ll more than likely take them up on their offer but as your business grows there may be an opportunity for you to invest in a professional logo design.

When hiring a designer you will have the chance to discuss how you want your logo to look and the message you want to get across, from there they will create something that will improves your companies image an portray a professional look to potential customers.

3)You’ve Outgrown Your Logo

Is your business still going in the same direction as when you first began? For some businesses they have a clear objective in their mind of the product or service they are providing and their logo reflects that but for some who take a slightly different direction they may find that their logo isn’t quite up to scratch.

If this is the case and you feel you’re business has outgrown the logo you are currently using it’s a good idea to have a chat with a professional design team who can look into your brand further and really get to grips with how your logo should look.

We’re one of Liverpool’s most affordable web design and marketing agencies – with our own in-house graphic designer – if you’d like to discuss your current logo or book in for a re-design you can contact us here 





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