There are many things to consider when building a website, you may have a clear idea in mind or have no idea at all!

But it goes deeper than that and the things to consider when building a website are the starting point in any web design process

So if you’re preparing to find a local web design agency to fit that all important brief take a look at these important points

Top 10 Things To Consider When Building A Website

1. Domain & Hosting

things to consider when building a website

Choose a memorable and easy to spell domain name and a reliable host to ensure website downtime is kept to a minimum.

There’s nothing worse than a website which spends a large amount of time unavailable not to mention the potential loss of sales.

2. Navigation & User Experience

things to consider when building a website

Both go hand in hand to allow visitors a great first impression of the website they are landing on.

Think carefully about shop categories if you’ll be opting for an eCommerce website, make it as easy of possible for customers to shop online.

3. Responsiveness

things to consider when building a website

It’s always worth checking with a web design company to make sure your new website will be fully responsive and tested prior to the official launch

With around 80% of people opting to search the web on smart phones and tablets this is one of the most crucial factors when building a website.

4. Call To Action & Purpose

things to consider when building a website

What is the purpose of your website? Is it to inform or educate your visitors?

On each page you should think carefully about a call to action.

This can be in the form of a button directing to a contact form, a shop now button, email sign up another action you’d like visitors to take.

Place these in a prominent position on each page to encourage visitors to take action in the way you’d like them to.

5. Optimisation SEO Friendly

things to consider when building a website

Any professional web design agency will tell a business that a website should be optimised for SEO purposes.

Without some form of optimisation it may make it harder for new customers to find the site by typing in related keywords etc.

Some small businesses may simply not have the budget for SEO but with competition from other industry leaders and with so many similar businesses out there it should be something that is actioned on as soon as you can.

6. Branding

things to consider when building a website

The visual appearance of a website is very important, of course everyone wants their website to look great and if current logos or branding seem outdated then it would be the perfect time for an overhaul.

A poorly designed logo and colours that don’t compliment each other can ruin the overall look of a website.

7. Social Media

things to consider when building a website

Social media is a perfect way of spreading the word about a new website launch and many businesses opt for social media share buttons.

These share buttons allow visitors to easily share a blog post or product they like the look of and this also plays a part in the SEO part of a website.

8. Security

things to consider when building a website

If opting for an eCommerce website it’s important to think about payment options and how secure they are.

Having an SSL certificate on a website will reassure customers that their bank details are safe when purchasing online.

9. Content & Blog

things to consider when building a website

If you feel confident enough you can create content yourself or alternatively choose a content writer to do this for you.

Well written content will give your business a professional appearance and can help inform visitors to your website.

A regularly updated blog will also help with the organic ranking of a site by providing fresh relevant content to visitors.

10. Updates & Ongoing Maintenance

things to consider when building a website

Depending on the platform you choose to build your site you should research and discuss with a web design agency about any updates that may come up to ensure the smooth running of the website.

Many web design agencies offer monthly support packages which are always worth having as it means you’ll remain in close contact with the agency and know your website is in the hands of a professional rather than attempt to carry out procedures you may not be familiar with.


Final Thought On Things To Consider When Building A Website ………………………………….

A good understanding of the full web design process is essential.

Follow the top 10 must haves above to have a real understanding of what’s involved to create a great website.

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