Choosing the perfect domain name is one of the most important factors for any business.

A domain name will become part of a businesses online identity so it’s vital to get to right first time round.

With so many businesses out there, the popular domain names have often been taken so choosing the perfect domain name may require some creativity!

In this blog post we’ll go over 7 tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your small business.

Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

1. Make It Memorable

choosing the perfect domain name

A domain name should be easy for people to spell and remember – because of this many will say not to use numbers and hyphens as this can make things confusing.

Of course there are exceptions to this rule – for example if your brand name includes numbers this may be unavoidable.

2. Protect Your Business

choosing the perfect domain name


Unfortunately there are individuals out there who may decide to to purchase the other extensions of your domain name and attempt to tarnish the reputation of the business.

With this in mind, consider purchasing the other extensions to ensure the above can’t happen to you.

3. Keep It Short

choosing the perfect domain name


The longer the domain is the harder it is for people to remember.

The maximum length of a domain name can be up 63 characters but would you be able to remember it – if you’re thinking no then the chances are very few people will too!

4. Research

choosing the perfect domain name

Choosing the perfect domain name should involve some research prior to purchasing.

Check it see if the chosen name has any potential trademark issues e.g if another company already owns that name.

Its a good idea to check social media platforms too such as Facebook as this will give you a good idea if in fact that business name is taken.

5. Choose Extensions Carefully

choosing the perfect domain name

The extension of a domain is basically the end of the domain such as .com or

The most popular choice is .com with over 60% of domains using .com so if it’s there go for it!

There are of course a whole range of different extensions available so it is possible to use this to your advantage

For example if the business is club you could register

6. Easy To Type

choosing the perfect domain name

To avoid confusion and to keep the chances of people misspelling a domain and landing on a completely different site it’s a good idea to make your domain name easy to type.

The easier the domain is to type the less chance of errors!

7. Consider Keywords

choosing the perfect domain name

While it’s not essential to include keywords in a domain name, it can be an advantage if the business is relatively new.

Adding keywords relating to a business will quickly help visitors to understand the products or services on offer.


Final Thought

Choosing the perfect domain name is an important factor of your business’ online presence so important to get it right first time round.

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