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Simple Tips For Better Business Exposure on Instagram

Simple Tips for Better Business Exposure on Instagram

Many businesses struggle with mastering Instagram, as a marketing tool. It’s a challenge even for some of the younger social media users, who are supposed to be natural at ‘instagramming’. It’s all because, just like any modern social network, it has its own ecosystem, unspoken rules and requirements, which businesses have to follow in order to increase their exposure.

Let’s take a look at some simple guidelines that may help your business succeed on Instagram.

Don’t Push Your Product

Simple Tips for Better Business Exposure on Instagram

   It’s preferable to find a natural way of including ads throughout your Instagram feed. We’re talking about promotional posts with discounts and various offerings, not the paid Instagram ads. Some active users of this platform already see so many of various ads that Mashable even decided to publish a guide on how to get rid of Instagram ads all together.

Your posts in a form of a promotional banner with a promocode are not something most people will appreciate. In fact, they’re more likely to unfollow. And with that your chances of increasing exposure on Instagram are getting slimmer.

That’s why, the best strategy is to focus on the quality of your publications. But you can still make that occasional promotional post. The keyword here is ‘occasional’.

Step Your Hashtag Game Up

Simple Tips for Better Business Exposure on Instagram

 We all know that hashtags are the second language for Instagram. You probably know a couple of relevant hashtags, which might help getting more exposure for your posts. But exploring hashtags is something that you should really focus on, if you’re expecting any kind of growth from your Instagram. Luckily, there are guides on how to properly manage your hashtags.

However, one thing that these guides can’t help you with is localizing your approach. There are probably specific hashtags for your region, city, local holiday or a slang word that only someone from your town will understand. Explore and exploit these to your advantage for better exposure.

Apply Facebook Logic

People browse most of the social networks with the same goal in mind – they’re either hunting for cat pics or looking to acquire some freshly made memes. For many users, it’s a form of entertainment and so you can apply the logic that prevails throughout other social media networks. Here’s a couple of simple tips that will help you with exposure on Instagram:

Post during peak hours on Instagram

Don’t spam the feed with posts. Beware of unfollows.

Engage people in the comments to build a relationship with them and get some extended exposure

 If you don’t have anything good to post, just don’t do it. Quality over quantity.

It doesn’t have to be an idea or a tip that comes from a social media guru or a marketing company, like us. Just follow some basic logic. Ask yourself some questions. “Would you like seeing something like this on your Instagram feed?” “Do you like when people post often on Instagram?” “Would I unfollow someone for an ad like this?” And so on.

All of these simple Instagram marketing tips can help you increase your audience, limit any possible ‘churn’ of Instagram unfollowers and thus increase your potential exposure.

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