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How Often Should You Post On Facebook

how often should you post on facebook

Ever Wondered “How Often Should You Post On Facebook?”

There’s no magic number when it comes to how often you should post on Facebook and each brand differs, for us here and the businesses we work with we usually recommend 2-3 times per day – if you’re wondering why it’s a good idea to keep that content flowing onto your Facebook business page here’s a few important reasons why:-

The News feed is the key!

Once a person has landed on your page and decided it’s worthy of a ‘like’ there’s  a good chance that they won’t return to your page on a regular basis-why? Because it’s all about the news feed, you log into Facebook each day, scroll through your news-feed to keep and eye on the latest news!

This is your biggest chance to get those people interested in your brand so posts need to have the ‘wow’ factor in order to encourage them to engage by leaving a like, comment or share.

Facebook loves engagement!

You’ve probably heard of the Facebook algorithm, it changes on a regular basis but as a general rule the more engagement you get on a post the more people Facebook will show that post to, in order for this to happen you need to create posts that grab your audience, for us here at The Cheerful Lime one of the posts that always get a high level of engagement is memes or quotes – why? well it’s something are fans can relate to whether it be in their personal or business life.

And don’t forget videos – these are huge on Facebook at the moment and the organic reach is always a lot higher than other posts such as text updates so grab your phone and get filming!

Different followers login at different times

Let’s say you post an update first thing in the morning around 8am, most of the users who are logged in and active at that time will potentially see that post but what about the users who don’t login until later on in the day? Because the news feed leans towards the newer posts it’s quite likely that your morning post won’t be seen by these people.

Taking the above into account it’s important to post at least twice a day so you reach as many of your fans as possible and also make sure that you post on Facebook when your fans are online.

How often do you post on your Facebook page?

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