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9 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Helping Your Business

9 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Helping Your Business

Social media strategy isn’t helping your business? Wondering why and how you can change it so it does become effective? In this blog post we’ll run through 9 reasons why your social media strategy isn’t helping your business.

Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers and build up a strong, loyal fan base who will shout about your product or service. When you have a strong strategy in place it can increase traffice to your website as well as generating leads and enquiries. With so many platforms to choose from it can seem a little overwhelming – the thought of making sure there is a consistent flow of posts and interaction, so what happens when there is little or no interaction? Do you move on to the next or address the issues to ensure your get it right?

Here’s 9 reasons your social media strategy isn’t helping your business……

1.Too Many Pushy Sales Posts!

Think about it, when you check Facebook or twitter in the morning while getting ready for the day ahead, what do you want to see? Businesses constantly sharing pushy and promotional sales posts or posts that interest you as a reader and grab your attention enticing you to read more?

Think news that relates to your industry, blog posts and posts that encourage interaction – the power is in your hands. Blog posts are a perfect way to direct traffic to a website so whenever there’s a new blog post share it across the social media channels.

2.Humanize Your Brand

Would you follow someone on Twitter who didn’t have a image or person as their avatar? The clue is in the title – social media is all about being social and in this case showing fans and followers the person behind the brand.

Even something as simple as letting people know who they are chatting to on social media can make a big difference. Again think about it from a customers point of view, it’s all about them feeling connected and social media is the perfect opportunity to do that!

3.There’s Not Enough Interaction With The Audience

As well as sharing interesting content it’s also important to make the effort to interact with people. Examples of this include retweeting and replying to people on Twitter, replying to comments on Facebook and thanking people for sharing content. Make people feel valued by spending a small amount of time interacting and you’ll soon see the rewards for your hard work.

4.You’re Using The Wrong Social Media Platforms

Let’s face it, there are a lot of social media platforms to choose from! From Facebook to Twitter, Linkedin to Instagram – but which ones are the most beneficial for your business.

Our advice would be to focus on 3-4 social media platforms and ensure they are ran properly by posting regular updates each day rather than spreading yourself too thinly and struggling to cover all channels properly. A strong social media presence is vital and if social media strategy isn’t helping business it’s worth asking yourself if those platforms in use really suit your business

5.No Social Media Promotion On Your Website

The likelyhood is that a visitor who lands on a website is interested in the products or services on offer and what better way to keep up to date with the latest news than following and liking their social media platforms.

Encourage people to do this by making sure you have prominent links to your social media platforms on your website so that it’s easy for them to find you – not only will they see your updates but as they begin to interact their friends and family will too!

6.Not Enough Fresh Content Across Social Media Platforms

Making sure there is enough fresh content on your social media platforms will encourage people to interact, enage and keep your fans attention. Save yourself time by using a social media managing tool such as Hootsuite and make use of their suggestions or set up Google Alerts to be the first to know industry related news that you can then share across your platforms.

That way even if you don’t have time to create a new blog post your social media platforms will still be a place where fans will see latest news and events.

7.Your Social Media Manager Doesn’t Get It

As with any business sometimes the only option due to time is to outsource to get the job done properly but be careful! Before you pick your social media manager take a look at the content they are creating for other clients.

You know your own brand best theres no doubting that so if you do decide to go for this option ensure you give them enough insight so they have a clear understanding of your brand and the message you want to portray.

8.Too Much, Too Soon!

Results take time so if social media strategy isn’t helping  your business at first –  like we’d  say to our SEO clients don’t expect results overnight the same can be said for social media. If you expect too much too soon it can be extremely disheartening when you don’t get the results you were hoping for straight away.

Stick to your plan, keep posting fresh content each day, interacting and engaging with followers and creating a strong brand message. Don’t be discouraged and give up!

9.Enjoy Social Media!

Enjoy using social media! If you see it purely as a chore it can be tough to stay motivated. It’s rewarding to see regular interaction on posts so stick with it and enjoy!


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