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5 Ways To Increase Website Conversion Rate

5 Ways To Increase Website Conversion Rate

What is a website conversion rate?

In this blog post we’ll show you how you can increase website conversion rate but first things first…..if you’ve never heard of what exactly is it?

A website conversion rate is a way to measure the number or percentage of potential customers that purchase from your website.

Whilst many businesses will focus on improving traffic to their website they should also spend time looking at increasing website conversion rate  as often the issues are simple to rectify and when resolved can have a positive impact.

How can i increase website conversion rate?

Although it may sound complicated, improving a website conversion rate can be fairly straight forward – so today we’ll show you 5 ways in which you can do it!


1) Trust

Most people are still wary when shopping online and who can blame them! Sadly there are scammers out there who will go the extra mile to get your credit card details so its even more important that your potential customers trust your website and your business.

A physical address along with a contact number is a good starting point – make sure these details are in a prominent position on your website so potential customers can see them clearly.

A professional looking website creates a good solid first impression. If a business has a poorly designed website it may put potential customers off purchasing – it’s your business so take pride in what you do!

2)Make your users life straight forward

This may sound like a no brainer but surprisingly many companies struggle with this. The more difficult or complex you make your website to use, the less likely it is that people will buy from you.

Take a look at your shopping process, is it easy and straight forward for customers to use or could they run into problems?

If your potential customers want to find out more information before they purchase is it easy for them to do so? Are your product descriptions giving your customers enough information or are you lacking in information that could sway people to buy from you?

3) Payment Options

Give potential customers the choice when it comes to making payment – not everyone may want to pay via debit card so look into different payment options and find out what works well for your business. If your business has a physical address could you offer a free pick up or local delivery?

4) Policies

Do you have policies and return procedures in place? Showing your customers that you do prevents them from having concerns before purchasing.

With a bricks and mortar business a customer knows exactly where the shop is and if they need to exchange their item or ask for a refund they simply visit the shop, when you purchase online it’s slightly different – this is especially true for clothing shops so ensure your returns/exchange procedures are not only in place but comply with rules and regulations.

5) Honesty Is The Best Policy

Potential customers are putting their trust in you an your business when they decide to make that first purchase from your website but are you being honest with them? If you’re serious about increasing website conversion rate you should ensure that you are being completely upfront with visitors to your site.

If your product or service is handmade consider keeping your turnaround times up to date – not only will this prevent unhappy customers who may want refunds but it will also allow you to plan your work schedule effectively to ensure maximum productivity.

The same can be said if you know a particular item is running low on stock – while you could continue to take orders and payments its always worth noting that times may vary – you’ll be glad in the long run! Develop a good honest relationship with your customers from the start and you will be rewarded, a business with a good reputation is a huge factor when it comes to increasing website conversion rate.


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