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Best Blog Topic Generators – Our Top 5

Best Blog Topic Generators – Our Top 5

Best Blog Topic Generators

You know you should be blogging on your website but you just don’t know what to blog about? It needs to be relevant and something that will wow your readers – this is where blog topic generators come in and in this blog post we’ll share 5 of the best blog topic generators that will leave you feeling confident and ready to put pen to paper!

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you’re looking for a weeks worth of blog topics to get your teeth into then HubSpot’s blog topic generator is perfect and easy to use!

Simple type in 3 nouns relating to your business and let HubSpot do the rest! Within a few seconds you’ll be given a list of blog topics to cover you for the next week!

2. Portents Content Idea Generator

Super simple! Portents content idea generator literally needs one word from you and it does the rest for you! Don’t like the first suggestion? Simple click the refresh button and it will come with as many alternatives as you like!

Whilst some suggestions may not make much sense, you’ll be rewarded with some great ideas if you spend time getting to grips with it! Not to mention the eye catching graphics and layout of the generator itself!

3. Link Bait Title Generator

Next on our list of best blog topic generators comes courtesy from Link Bait. Now on first glance this isn’t as eye catching as the other 2 but on the plus side it comes up with any great topics that will leave you spolit for choice – making up for the lack of design with its practicality.

For this you’ll to type one word into the box, click ‘get linkbait’ and scroll down to view the results!

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo takes the idea of blog topic generators one step further! Using this platform will allow you to the most popular existing articles for the particular keyword you’ve typed in. Search by topic/keyword or url and you’ll be presented with a wealth of topics!

We like to call this the ultimate blog topic generator, it may look daunting on first glimpse but if there’s one thing on your blogging ‘to do’ list it’s to give this a good hour of your time.

5. Content Ideator

Content Ideator is similar to the above as in it searches for existing articles. While you are slightly limited with the free version it’s still a great tool that will give you plenty of inspiration!

Take advantage of the free trial for 7 days to see if this is the best blog topic generator for you.

The best blog topic generator for your business?

If you get stuck for blog topic ideas then topic generators could be perfect for you, with algorithms changing all the time don’t take the topics for granted and if need be do a little of your own research but they are a great starting point.

The 5 blog topic generators above cover the occasional  blogger to the dedicated business blogger – it’s all about finding one that works well for you and your business.

We’d love to know your thoughts on this – do you have a favourite blog topic generator?

Happy Blogging!







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