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3 Steps to Product Descriptions that Sell

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Writing a proper product description is, on a certain level, very similar to being a psychic. You don’t know the person, who’s going to read through the description. You don’t know whether they’re just browsing or looking to buy right now. You don’t know the look on their face, when they see the price and how it might have dilated their pupils.

But you still have to write a good product description that will work for the widest of your audiences. This helps you to cast a wider net and convert more people. So how do you go about writing a catchy product information page?

Don’t Be Selfish

Stop trying to tell people how your products are the best products. They don’t care about that. They care about themselves, like we all do. You need to focus on how your products can actually make their lives better. Do you sell tan lotion? Let them know about the irresistibility of a great tan and how your product can help them achieve it. Do you sell computer hardware? Let them know about the myriad of tasks your top notch video cards can complete. And so on. It’s been said a thousand times, but we’re reiterating it once again. You need to stop talking about the product that much and start talking about the benefit of its application.

Tell A Story

This tip is in tune with the previous point. In order to tell about the benefits properly, you’ll have to create a story that works best with the product. This is a little bit more tricky, but the main premise of this approach is that you’re able to freely envision situations, which make your products absolutely irreplaceable for a specific task or situation. What can you do to achieve that?

– learn as much as possible about your products (if you’re buying from a dealer – they could probably help)

– constantly gather feedback from your clients, who purchased the product

– learn more about the clients themselves and their pain points that your products address

All of this info will help you to solidify your product content writing even further. But there’s another thing that you can’t forget about…

Leave Some Room For The Machines

Remember that search engines are still some of the most valuable sources of convertible traffic for businesses. That’s why you still have to be able to please the search engines. Finding the equilibrium between a text for humans and a text for machine is quite the challenge. But with enough practice and proper keyword research – it’s an achievable goal.

We hope that these simple tips will help you write amazing product descriptions that convert visitors into loyal clients. And as always, if you’re looking for top notch Liverpool web designers – you can always shoot us a message!

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