If you’ve ever landed on a website and been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of website content you are not alone!

Unlike other forms of content, visitors expect to be able to skim over the website content whilst still gathering the information they need, large blocks of texts and industry related jargon that your readers can’t understand can be extremely off putting.

Many businesses choose to hire a content writer but if you decide to write your own great website content then these 5 simple steps are for you!

So how do you create great website content?

In this blog post we’ll go over 5 simple steps that will have you creating great website content in no time!

1. Make Content Relevant And Valuable

Ever typed a phrase or sentence into Google and stumbled across website content that is outdated or irrelevant to the subject?

Ensure the content on your website is relevant to your industry, keeping up to date with any changes that may occur.

2. Make Content Easy To Read

As mentioned earlier on in this post, the majority of users will ‘skim read‘ website content so large paragraphs of text can put visitors off and may even make them move onto a competitors website which you definitely don’t want!

  • Write shorter paragraphs with white space in between
  • Use headings and try to keep to one topic per paragraph
  • Use bullet points to highlight important points of your content
  • Break text up by including images in your website content

3. Write For Your Audience

The ultimate goal for great website content is to turn those visitors into customers so you’ll need to ensure your content suits your audience and encourages them to engage with your business.

Too much jargon may leave those visitors confused or unsure about your product or service so stick to easy to understand website content in a conversational tone.

4. Check Spelling And Grammar……..TWICE!

There is nothing worse than landing on a website only to find a whole host of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors……..that your visitors point out to you!

Whilst you may be keen to get the content on your website it’s always worth re-reading through the text to make sure everything is as it should be – first impressions count!

5. Don’t Forget About SEO

To drive high quality traffic to your website make sure you employ good SEO practices in all website content that you write.

These practices include:-

  • Focusing on one relevant keyword/phrase per page
  • Include the keyword/phrase in the title, headings and throughout your content
  • Use the keyword/phrase in ALT tags and image file names


That’s concludes our 5 step process – if you’d prefer to have your content written for you by one of our team then get in touch! We’re an award winning web design and marketing agency based in Liverpool – click here to contact us!