Social media can highly be beneficial to your business but aside from posting regular updates and engaging with your audience – what goes on behind the scenes?

Facebook insights provide valuable data that allow you to track and monitor the success of each post you create on your Facebook page.

But to a new user, trying to understand the jargon within the insights and increase brand exposure, can be challenging, so what do they mean?

In this blog post we’ll explain the terminology behind Facebook Insights allowing you to create an effective social media marketing strategy for your business.

Page Views

This is quite straight forward but often gets confused with Facebook reach.

Facebook tracks the amount of times your business page has been viewed over  certain period of time, allowing you to see how much exposure your Facebook page is creating.

But don’t confuse page previews with page views, here the difference……………….

A page preview is simply when a user hovers over your Facebook profile picture or business name, once they land on your page it then becomes a page view.


Reach is the number of users who have seen your post within their news feed.

Even if a person goes back to view the same post more than once, Facebook insights will still class that as one person.

This is why the reach of each post is such as valuable metric as it allow you to see exactly how many unique views your posts have received.


Impression is the amount of times your post is shown to people on Facebook but unlike Reach, if a person sees your post twice – for example once from their news feed and a second time from someone sending them a link to it, Facebook counts this as 2 impressions.

This explains why at times your impressions work out much higher than the reach.


Engagements are one of the most important factor of Facebook insights.

Engagement is the number of times each person has chosen to engage with your post, whether this be:-

  • clicking a link
  • liking or reacting to the post
  • commenting
  • sharing

The higher the engagement the better!


By understanding these key terms with Facebook insights you’ll be able to go on and create posts that your target market will want to engage with and reach a wider audience.

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